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You have been warned...

Quiz Answers


Who is more of a clean freak? MARC

  • Marc can't stand dirty floors or tables, with the exception of the weeks leading up to the wedding, when mum probably judged the horrifyingly messy room

Who is more likely to be running late? MARC

  • Marc has always been late for generally everything, although Agnes has been training him well ;)


Who is the better cook? AGNES

  • Good dietitcian doesn't mean bad-tasting food. Agnes is actually way more creative than Marc in the kitchen!

Who got the best grades in school? DEPENDS

  • Agnes scored better than Marc in PSLE

  • Marc scored better than Agnes in Os

  • Agnes scored better than Marc in As

Who is more likely to stay at work late? Probably Marc!

  • Marc would more likely stay late by choice, though it wouldn't happen very often

  • Agnes would stay late, but not by choice

Who said I love you first? MARC

  • Marc's obviously the more romantic one...

Who made the first move? MARC​

Who has better handwriting? CONTENTIOUS (we are still arguing about this)

  • Marc has generally bad handwriting, but when he needs to write nicely, it's decent

  • Agnes has horrible illegible handwriting for her self-notes, but when she needs to write nicely, it's nicer than Marc's

Who is likely to fall asleep during a movie? AGNES

  • Agnes can't watch movies to save her life.

Whose phone battery always has more of a charge? MARC

  • Agnes probably has less charge because she uses her phone more than Marc

Who says I love you more? MARC

  • Sometimes girls need to remember the things that matter most......

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